Community Garden Confusion

I have a number of CNC projects I thought I would share. I tried to post the park benches I finished this weekend. However after spending 30 minutes trying my hardest to figure out that Github crap I gave up. It didn’t even upload the photo stating the jpg wasn’t a photo type file. I have a DXF of the profile I had hoped to add as well but can’t figure out how to add it now that the post is uploaded. I give up. I’ll just keep sharing my projects on GrabCAD. I know my way around a computer quite well. But for the life of me can’t get to first base on that site. Seriously get a new file sharing site. I don’t see the number of projects growing very well when you have to take a course on how to simply upload a project. You know GrabCAD has open projects as well and I can simply press Upload and add new files to someones project.

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I just uploaded a test project. I made sure I was signed in to GitHub and accepted the invitation sent to my email. The process was flawless and took less then 5 minutes.
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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The community garden has been on the back burner a bit and I will keep cleaning it up as soon as I have the time.

The community garden is always going to be based around github which means it will never be as simple to use as something like grabcad where you can just upload a file and you are done. If that’s the site which works for you that is fantastic! The community garden is meant to solve a different problem which that it creates a space where multiple people can collaborate on a project and that projects can continue to live on and be updated without the original creator. All of that pretty much requires learning to use Github…but if that’s not your thing that’s OK! Grabcad works well to :grin:

I understand that GitHub can be confusing. It’s key that you accept the email that was sent to you when the project was created. Then you can just click upload files in Github.


To get the a picture to show up now; just name it “mainpicture.jpg” and upload it Github. The robot will refresh the Community Garden after a couple minutes (its not instant).

I had added the photo as a comment. I can’t upload anything because I see “Uploads are disabled. Files uploads require push access to this repository.” I’ll try to figure out GitHub once I have my machine up and running. The comments will not allow me to add a dxf.

@Gero I made it a community project thinking someone else could add the G-code for the profile.

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My guess is that uploads are disabled for you because you haven’t or were not able the invitation from github to be a collaborator on your project when you created it.

If you let @bar know your github username; he can resend the invite; then you should be able to upload files once you accept it.

@SWiLE It’s a cool bench (a great movie too) and I would love to see it built.

I’ve never uploaded to the Community Garden, so I just took an unfinished project for a quick test how it works and it went through without any problem. (and deleted it now)
What you have taught us, that the instructions are not clear enough.
You don’t need to know GitHub to upload an idea or project. A account is needed and I guess you need to be signed in for the upload to work and have a picture (.png or .jpg).
Like a lot here it’s work in progress and every feedback helps to make things better.

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I think this is the key, you should have received an email granting you access manage the project.

I agree. I will work on making the instructions more clear.

I think the whole email situation is confusing. Would we rather ask people for their github login and then create the project through their account so that they don’t have to open an email?

That way the project creator would also have complete control over the files