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Maslow for sale-$300


Hi-I have a completed Maslow I’m selling. The Maslow is complete with the router and Z axis. $300 plus actual shipping. It’s located in West Michigan. However, I can ship the Maslow kit as I received it (you build the frame) if that would work. Same price. I can send a couple of pictures…email me at
dsherburn AT att DOT net
The machine worked well, I used it for about a year. Upgrading.


If you don’t mind, what are you upgrading to? Congrats by the way! If I had more space I would bite. :sunglasses::bow_and_arrow:


I’m doing a 4x8 Pro version of the CNCRouterParts product. I will use NEMA 34 Leadshine steppers. I am pretty sure I’ll go with the MASSO controller and ditch Mach and the PC altogether. I’m retired and am going to start a hobby business. The plan is to cut shapes for stitch and glue boats, tear drop campers and sell them as “kits”. I’ll augment income by doing craft stuff and sell some items online. All I need to do is pay shop rent and utilities (under $1000 per month). The beauty of a retirement business is that I don’t need to pay a salary!


Hi, do you know if the new kit is any different to yours?

The new kit is being sold for $500



Might be quicker for me to buy your kit than waiting for an unknown period of time for a new kit.



So, have you sold it already, no longer for sale?


If you are still looking for a kit, I have one all packed and ready to ship.
It’s a new in the box, original Maslow kit.


Thanks, how much is it, will it be the latest version?


Sorry for the delay, yes the kit has been sold