Considering Maslow for boatbuilding purposes. Questions regarding the process

Hello all,

I am new to CNC machining and design work. I have recently designed a 3D skiff I intend on building using Rhino software. Now that I have completed the design, I have begun stripping the boat into its various 2D parts and pieces.

I am curious as to how I get from this stage in the design to a workable and readable format that Maslow can use. All of the parts and pieces will be cut out of 4’x8’ sheets of either 1/4” or 3/8” plywood. Does this mean that in Rhino, must I transfer all parts (framing, stringers, transom, etc.) of the skiff onto a 4’x8’ rectangle resembling what will be a sheet of plywood in the real world? Or simply leave all of the parts and pieces standing alone, ensuring that all have dimensions which can be cut from a single sheet of wood?

Really don’t know any of the ins and outs of the whole process, but very interested in learning. I have seen talk here and there about .dxf files and g-code. Rhino gives me the option to export my file currently into a .dxf file, is this all Maslow requires? Or must I still work the file into something else Maslow can understand?

Thank you in advance

A few images of where I currently stand, hopefully I got them in the reply lol

you need to convert the DXF to SVG files to get maslow (edited to add: groundcontrol software) to cut them.
Yes you can place them on a 4x8 sheet and cut out one sheet of parts at a time. OR you can break it up into smaller batches of parts say on a 4x4 sheet and cut out half a sheet at a time using the most accurate center part of the maslow.

Curious why you recommended a file conversion, without knowing which CAM software is being used?

I believe there are plugins for Rhino both paid and free that allow you to work natively within Rhino or Grasshopper.

The basic CAD/CAM workflow

CAD Modeling/design software: Rhino 3D
(CAM) tool path creation/simulation software: ???
(CNC) run tool path /g-code on the Maslow software: WebControl or Makerverse


I was wondering too. Many of the tools I’ve worked with will support either, and every conversion is another place to introduce problems, and both formats seem to get confused about scaling and units.