Rhino user considering buying Maslow

Hey guys I’m building an airplane i designed and think Maslow could be useful. As mentioned i have rhino 3d version 3.0 (10 years old) and so far it has met my needs. Doing a search for using rhino yields almost no specific info other than the need to export to .dxf. All the files and parts that I’d like to have cut out have been designed in rhino so I’d rather not have to learn another cad program. Given this info what are your recommendations for getting from rhino to Ground Control?



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there are a lot of CAM packages out there that will read dxf and output gcode.
We should have a list of them around here somewhere.

If it can output dxf, you have lots of possible ways to get to g-code (one way,
but probably one of the ugliest is to read it into inkscape, output as a svg and
then load that svg into makercam and use that to create the gcode)


What about Mach3? About 6 or 7 years ago i tried and failed to build a 4 axis cnc hot wire cutter and bought a mach 3 license. I never used it and dont even know how i would use it. I’m pretty comfortable with cad but one of my biggest concerns is that I’ll never get the hang of moving through the process and the machine will only end up collecting dust not making it.

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You might look at using .stl files and Meshcam.


Thank you

Thanks Bee that looks very promising.

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