Design to Cut Process

I think a post like this existed for previous versions of Maslow.

Mine currently is this:

Design in OnShape
Export from OnShape as DXF file
Open DXF file in InkScape
Export from InkScape as a SVG file
Open SVG file in MakerCAM (3 cheers for its return from the grave)
Generate gcode in MakerCAM
Upload to Maslow

I also use AutoCAD for work and can design 2D shapes very quickly there, but when I save them as DXFs they don’t always open well in InkScape.

This is all part of the figuring out the process, but if anyone has a smooth workflow (or improvements for mine), I’d find it beneficial to hear how others are doing it.


I design in Illustrator or Photoshop and then take svg or bitmap files into Vectric Aspire (very expensive, but I have access through my employer having licenses) and then generate my gcode there. Some things I’m doing completely in Aspire.

It’s a really streamlined process compared to most of what I’ve seen people doing.

PS/AI > Aspire > upload > cut


Nice! The AutoCAD access I have is also through my employer (and consequently why I’m much faster drawing something in CAD). I can get around OnShape but still rely heavily on tutorials.

No Photoshop experience here. Didn’t even know you could design in there for stuff like this. Very cool.


I am using it to process bitmap heightmaps for 3d carves. Aspire has a function for importing those and generating toolpaths based off them.


Thanks for posting these. One of my short-term goals is to get something started in each section of the wiki. For software, I made some tables listing packages that have been mentioned here on the forums. If anyone doesn’t find a program they use as part of their workflow, feel free to add it or at least name it in this topic.

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Hi jwolter,
not on the list I saw:
I’m using Fusion3D for both design and CAM