3D Printed a box for my brains

I 3D printed a box for my board (for some reason, the heatsinks didn’t like to stay on during the routing process)…

Quite minimal, and I didn’t put the Maslow logo on it (do you have a vector file for that?), but it snaps together, holds the heatsinks on the chips, covers the “wrong” power jack, and has 2 #8 holes so you can screw it to the back of the background.

PM me, and I’ll be glad to print them for $15 shipped (US).
Though you might want to wait a bit – this is “form-fitting” and I need to make it bigger to handle some more boards (stacklight, router speed control)…


Looks nice!

I recommend that you upload the top and bottom halves as separate files, rather than the snapped together version. I’m not sure how I’d easily separate them while retaining the clips, since I don’t have Solidworks.

Great work! I’d suggest you make sure you can also can reach the Arudunio pin pattern incase someone wants to add other wiring. You can find examoles of this in other cases.

I agree with “The Moose” upload the file as a whole and in parts if possible.

Thank you

Aw crap. Don’t print this… or at least know that I got the L & R backwards on this one.

Ok, now fixed and split. If you have MaslowBox-Split.stl, you’re good.

</thumbs up>

Thank you