Cool chair from 2x4

not mine. could be adapted for a cnc pretty easily i think

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Wooden gears is one of the reasons I’ve wanted a CNC machine. Ever try to get a high-school freshman to patiently, carefully cut out the teeth of a gear? Not pretty.


Having a CNC machine is what got me interested in wooden gears. I tried several gear generators,, the Inkscape add-on, and a couple others and then finally bought a gear design package


What did you end up buying?

Gearotic. It’s Mach3’s author’s retirement project

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I think my admiration of CNC and wooden gears came at almost the same time for me! :slight_smile: Laser cutters changed my life, no joke - I’m a little late to the CNC router game. Here’s a fun one I make (obviously using lasers, not routers):


Gearify is another choice for decorative gears. It’s semi-abandonware, the developer still sells it, but there’s no active development. The generated tooth shape (per Art) isn’t very good for load bearing, but the results look cool.

I’ve only used the demo, haven’t actually cut any gears from it