Seeking advice on getting started with wooden gears

Anyone had success cutting wooden gears with their Maslow? Tips on where to start appreciated.

I have had good success with this tool:
both with my 3D printer and on my Maslow - it produces DXF files which I prefer and can then modify in my CAD program - (I don’t trust g code I haven’t produced myself) good luck


Easel has an app for gears. I’ve cut some and it comes out well as long as you go slow.

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I’ve been a long term Gearotic user. Better and more types of gears and related devices (clock escapements, pulleys, and much more) than you could shake a swamp rat at. Also an enthusiastic forum with lots of help

My first Maslow cut was a sad looking Gearotic gear, needed more calibration plus a shop rebuild


I wrote some code a long time ago to draw gear outlines. These days you can just use someone else’s.

Here’s an option:


That is pretty amazing!