Cotter pin placement

(sorry for the terrible pic)
I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly where the last link of the chain should rest on the cotter pin and where the pin should rest inside the retaining bracket.

I have mine in position 1 but position 2 seems more secure. In position 1, my left chain is twisting slightly towards the work surface. Right chain seems unaffected and I can’t figure out what the difference between them is.

Initially, I had the link at the position of the red link and that was causing issues with the pin jumping around in the square hole.

Is there a preferred position on the pin and also a way to rest the pin inside the bracket?

I would say position 1 because it is going to be more consistant than position 2
(because you can’t prevent it from rotating on to position 3 where the curve of
the pin comes into play and throws off your position a smidge)

David Lang


Thanks David, that’s where my mind went too. Only problem now is that position 1 is causing the twist whereas position 2 wasn’t twisting the chain. I’m taking my chains off tonight to re-feed them so I’ll try and get an eyeball inside the bracket and see what the chain is doing.