Buying Maslow and Router in Australia

Hi There,
I have been following this community for quite a while now and looking to take the plunge and order a kit!

I live in Sydney Australia, so I was hoping there might be a local supply but it doesn’t look like it.

So in that case, which kit on the website is the correct kit to buy as there are currently 4 different kits?

Also, there appears to be talk of an M2? Should I wait for this or just get in now?


ps. it appears that the AEG router is the recommended but hard to find at the moment
so looking at this

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

In NZ we are using the Bosch POF 1200 router. Bunnings has them, and there are instructions for hacking it here on the forum. Ours has been working fine for a while.

However, I noticed that Bunnings in Oz isn’t listing them. That’s curious.

You could use almost any router, but you need to be able to add the motor drive for the Z-axis (it can be made to work manually, but you don’t want that). I have looked closely at a lot of routers, and to be honest they all look like they were made in the same factory, just shot in different coloured plastic. If you look at the photos for modifying the Bosch you might be able to see if you could do the same with a slightly different model. For example, the Ryobi 1600W plunge router at $149 looks very similar.

I wouldn’t recommend buying an expensive router. You have to hack on it, so your warranty will be void, plus you’ll be using it for longer sessions than you would manually, so it’s going to wear out sooner.

Someone was using the cheap Ozito router from Bunnings:

Good luck.