Use Maslow to make murals?

Hey hey,

Has anyone expiremented with using the Maslow to make a mural? Super simple overview, strapping it to a wall with longer chains, attach a giant paint marker to it, and let ground control run the rest.

I’ve set up a prototype to test the software, but before I dive into the unknown, I wanna ask, am I reinventing the wheel? In theory, ground control should be able to accept parameters in calibration that would allow for longer chains. If someone has tried, would you share the ground you covered? Like to avoid “obvious” mistakes.


Excellent idea. Try it!

go to youtube and look up arduino paint, there are many gadgets. seems like the biggest issue is getting a reliable steady paint supply for most

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There is this Estonian group that has made one very successfully. They were on SharkTank, I believe.
Very similar to the Maslow:

It should work great! If you have any trouble let me know and I’m happy to help

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Thanks for the quick replies ya’ll! I’ll post in the project area as it comes along.