Sled Template for Ring

It’s possible this has been asked before, but I can’t find it so maybe it hasn’t.

I’ve downloaded the svg file for the sled template from here on Github and imported it in Autodesk Viewer to check the dimensions. The distance from the center (router bit) to top alignment hole is slightly less than the distance from the center to the left and right alignment holes. Distance to top measures 6.201-inches and distance to the left and right measure 6.251-inches. 0.05-inches is small, but it’s still a difference. Are these distances correct for the ring? I’m making my own drilling template to build the new sled by hand and I want to make sure I get it right…

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Yes, the template is correct. Those numbers don’t work out super nicely because they include weird factors like the thickness of the metal when added in at a strange tangent angle to the ring.

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Thanks! I am trying to build the sled as accurate as I can and wanted to check. My last attempt ended up with the router slightly offset from the center position (a small wobble of router bit as I did the spin test). I think it was a combination of both the ring and router not being precisely located so I’m going to try to do it using a printed template.