Creating a vertical 8x4 version of this

Due to storage restrictions, I need to create this so that it is 8 feet vertical and 4 feet horizontal. How much would I have to edit the open source software and the design? Is it even possible?

You should not have to make any changes to the software other than editing some settings in the settings file, however the tension in the chains will be more optimal in the current setup so you would be operating in somewhat untested territory

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This was previously talked about. Hopefully this helps a little:


several other people have posted with the same issue, nobody has posted info on
a finished machine

to keep the chain angles in the same ballpark as stock, you would save less
space than you expect. The stock frame is ~10’ wide, you would want to still be
~8’ wide or you will have problems in the bottom corners

If you are willing to sacrafice height as well and do 4x4, you can get down to
about 6’ wide and be similar in accuracy to stock.

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