(smaller frame) chain length?

Hello, This is my first post and would love any help in this area. I just recently started setting up my machine frame. My plan was to make a smaller frame to cut down 4ftx4ft material. I built a frame to do so however now the chain is too long because the top bar is 6 feet wide as compared to the longer top bar lengths of the 4ftx8ft frames. I wasn’t able to find a lot of info about smaller frames, just a few posts. Does anyone know what I should do about the long chain. Is my best resort just making the top bar longer or is there a different way to hang the chain to pick up the extra chain length. Thank you so much for any help in this area. ![IMAG2559|690x388]

the bottom feed/chains along the top beam won’t work very well with a shorter
top beam (you just run out of space for the chain, as you have found)

you could do the top feed and just let the extra chain hang down.

you could trim the chain fromthe stock 11’ to the ~8’ you need, but that still
won’t fit across the top beam.

it would probably help to go with an 8’ beam instead of a 6’ beam, but the
resulting ~8.5’ of chain would still not quite fit across the top.

you could put a thin lyer of wood or plastic to keep the two chains from hitting
each other as they cross across the top if you still wanted to have them go
along the top beam

On a frame this small, isn’t a cut pattern needed to do a full calibration which requires the full 4x8 sheet?

The calibration scales itself to the defined machine size, so it should ‘just

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Very nice! I’m guessing the size of your machine is asked for at some point in the calibration?

It’s not asked for, but it’s available to be changed under the advanced settings
options (there aren’t enough people making machines that aren’t 4’x8’ for it to
be worth asking everyone about this)

Fair enough. Sounds like this should be set first then start the calibration if your size is not default?

Exactly (and then a few more characters to hit the 20 minimum)

Thank you so much for the tip (dlang). I am sure I will figure something out. I appreciate the help and problem solving.

Any updates? Looking to reduce my frame size as well.

Same here.
Does anyone have any links to helpful information about reducing the frame size? I’m about to purchase one, but the frame size is a bit of an issue for me.

BEST TO keep top bar at 10’ for best corner accuracy and raise the top to about 24"

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