Maslow frame for mini workshops

Hi everyone!

I was wondering how well it would work to make a smaller frame to handle only 4’ by 2’ sheets in place of the normal 8’ by 4’. My idea is to take the Bar Bolt Frame and simply shorten the top 2x4 from 10’ to 4’. This should give a portrait workspace of 2’ by 4’. But would the accuracy be any good in the bottom corners? I did a v-plot, which looks OK. With only 2’ by 4’ it is of course important that the entire workspace is usable, so there would have to be skirts to support the sled as well.

I really get thrilled by the idea to have my very own cnc standing in the shed. I just hope it would perform reasonably.


I have no proof of this other than using my 4x8 maslow for a few weeks now, but I think you would have much better luck (accuracy and issues) running it in the 4 by 2 style rather than the 2 by 4 orientation.

This is similar to your question…

Would be cool to come up with a mini Maslow solution.

We should put this in a faq along with all the other topics that come up often…

Yes, I do realize that landscape would be better if there was no space constraints. But if the top can be a maximum of say, 4’ or 5’ wide. Then surely a portrait setup will give better accuracy.

it’s a slight oversimplification, but in many ways accuracy comes down to chain

the closer the chains get to horizontal or vertical, the more accuracy suffers.

a 4’ wide top beam with 4’ tall work area (and 1.5’ space above as the stock
frame does) you end up with a ratio of 1’/5.5’ = .18

a 5’ wide top beam with a 2’ tall work area is .5/3.5 = .14

a 5.5’ wide top beam with a 2’ tall work area is .75/3.5 = .21

(and for completeness a 5’ top beam with a 4’ tall work area is 1.5/5.5=.27)

the stock frame is 10’ top beam, 4’ tall work area, so the same .18 ratio as the
4’ top beam with a 4’ tall work area

as I say, this is an over simplification, but I don’t think it’s a drastic one.

David Lang

I was confused by this @dlang but I think I get it. I annotated what you typed, is this correct?

correct, sorry for not being more clear

David Lang

So basically to get the same .18 ratio as the stock frame on a 4’ by 2’ workspace you need
with landscape mode a 5.26’ top beam
with portrait mode a 4’ top beam

And a longer top beam should i theory give better accuracy in the bottom corners. I hope I will be able to fit a 5’ top beam on an portrait mode frame.

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