Cribbage Board Coffee Table

I designed this in hopes that someday I will be able to make the top for my coffee table. I know the Maslow will do this, (which is why I am so interested in getting one). It is 66 inches (1676.4mm) long, and 24 inches (609.6mm) wide and 1 inch (25.4mm) thick. The holes are 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter and 3/4 inch (19.05mm) deep.

The pegs can be made from coat hook pegs.

3d image of coffee table:

Close up of section of the top:

The edge trim (they don’t make this router bit that I know of, can the Maslow do angles?)


By the way, I use a program called convert for converting units from one type to another…
It is free and installs to your desktop, if anyone is interested.


Oh, I forgot to show the insides, the top is hinged so you can store the pegs and cards in either of the end pockets, magazines, newspapers, remotes, and other things in the center areas.


I’d live to make one of these for the patio. :smiley:

For that I would drill the peg holes right through the top so the rain, spilled drinks and spilled blood (because it’s cribbage) will just run through. I’d possibly also make the peg holes smaller so the pegs can’t double as bludgeons or shivs.

My coworkers play at lunch and coffee time. The level of trash talk and abuse is hilarious, but I can see an evening game with beverages getting barbaric. I may require waivers and safety glasses.


Your going to need the right playing cards then, can I suggest:


The maslow can make multiple passes cutting at a slightly different place. the result is a stair-step that can be sanded flat.

I would do the edge in multiple passes, first hog out most of the material, then use a v-bit to do the angle, then do the curves with a half-round bit.

you would need support for the sled out past the edge, but it’s doable.