Don’t buy a Router table, build one



This has been talked about before but I think you’re the first to actually build it and show it. Now you just need a clampable fence. Thanks for sharing.

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Got one. Used it with the Maslow to trim the frame below.


That’s a very nice set of legs for such a table, have you posted them somewhere?

Somewhere? Just here.

Just sitting here looking at the table, asking myself why you would want a round router table? :thinking:

Then I noticed its your maslow sled!


I would suggest drilling a hole through the sled and installing a t-nut on the
top of it, that way when you use it as a router table you can thread a bolt into
it to use to stabilize your work.

David Lang

Great work!
I’d love to try to cut a pair of these out …
… but am not adept enough at using the Maslow Forums to find the files :frowning:

Anyone have a link?

I’ll either post the files here or on the community garden, gotta give me a couple days though.



Router (39.7 KB)

Here is the .SVG and the .NC files that I used to cut the legs, to be honest I figured I would need some space where they come together and they ended up pretty loose, so I use a could cabinet leveling wedges to make them tight. I pull them apart and store them behind the Maslow when not in use.


good idea! , I add it to my evergrowing list