Cut gone crazy but not sure why

So can anyone tell me what happened here? My ground control shows the correct shape for the part but it clearly went crazy it do this on 1st and 2nd pass before I shut it down…

Here’s the cut

looks like either the sled hit the mount shown by the arrow or the chain got hung up on something (zaxis cord, router power cable, vacuum hose…).


I had set the wood to be flush with the mount. I had hoped that wouldn’t happen but it did it again on the second pass. But the rest of the cut went good. I should also add that the cutting at the left edge was kinda sketchy…

If it was a chain getting caught what would it be?? It was cutting from right to left and it didn’t seem to have issues with the rest of the pattern except what I mentioned above…

Ahh I’m getting frustrated with this machine.

You were exactly right ! I thought my spacers was brought but it was just a hair… THANK YOU!!


I wish I could say I hadn’t done the same thing. I trimmed the mount back a little and at times I’ll put a shim behind the work piece to ensure the sled doesn’t hang up on the mount. So many details to manage… You got this.