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Cut really goes wrong on some areas. Need advices

Hi There. Just did a cut again yesterday since a long time ago. It mostly went well but as you can see I had severe problems on the middle part. First two passes went fine and on the next one it just worked itself out of the straight cut because the left chain didn’t have enough tension anymore. I‘ve cut this with a new 1/4 inch upcut bit from makermade. 3mm z per pass in mdf Material, 300 mm/min feedrate and speed setting 3/6 for my Bosch pof 1400 Router. On the bottom right you can see another small problems on the outer line.

What can I do to get better results here?
Is the ring too high? Feeds too fast? Should I put the motors mir down or more to the middle (closer to each other?). I’m not very sure where I should begin troubleshooting this. Would greatly appreciate some advices :slight_smile:

This is an interesting one. I’m not really sure either. Usually that area in the center is the easiest area to cut. Your setup looks great and the information about your feeds and speeds all seem very reasonable.

My first instinct is that maybe the sled is getting caught on something? The way that cut looks going up and then back down makes me think that maybe the left edge of the sled caught and it rotated up and then dropped back down. Is it possible that the edge got caught?

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the chain wasn’t coming off of the sprocket cleanly? If the chain didn’t detach from the sprocket it could make one of the chains too short for a minute and then drop back into place.

Does it happen consistently? Can you watch what is going on?

Well I could think that it got maybe caught by one of the pieces of extra wood above the workpiece. Chains were looking fine.

This cut is already over. Will see to do some more tests in the next days.

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