Frustrating... Solid cuts until the end. THOUGHTS?

Subject says it all. Video link at bottom. If you’re viewing this soon after posting, the video may be processing.

One thing I noticed is that the sled appeared to get behind the where the software said it should be. This is sooooo frustrating. This sign takes 3 hrs to cut in 2 passes.

I will say that I did recover this run from three chain hops. I had to stop the job, back the left chain three teeth and resume right before the issue occurred. All went really well after the recovery until it got to the top edge of the outside perimeter.


Known cause of chain hop? Is the chain parallel with the work surface?

What happened at the border edge where it messed up, was that the chain hop?

The chain hop came from the excess chain side as it was extending the router. The links appeared to be a little stiff and didn’t appear to engage the gear fully. I’m taking preventative action go forward with some WD 40 on the chain and will be increasing tension to keep the slack out of the excess chain length as well as ensuring the chain is parallel on the excess side.

BTW the skip occurred about an hour prior to the dip in the top perimeter cut. After a prompt recovery, cutting resumed perfectly until the perimeter cut.

Nothing actually happened when the dip occurred other than it appears the sled was lagging where the computer said it should be - no chain hop when the router diverged from the path… See the video for what the computer showed and a quick view of what that translated to at the cut. This also occurred consistently over multiple passes.

That looks like the power supply is not quite providing enough power, or the
sled is too heavy, so the motors are not able to keep up.

a work-around is to slow down the feed rate.

David Lang


There appear to be at least 3 bricks on that sled, that might have something to do with it being too heavy.

Got it. I did add about 8lbs to the sled due to cutting issues in the corners. Ultimately, I’m going to install a longer top beam to address the corner cutting problems, but I had some cutting I wanted to do before doing that. Anyhow, it looks like the bigger beam may have been time better spent. I’ll try again today with the extra weight removed and report back.

The pattern looks familiar.

I had only limited success with lowering the feed-rate. It did get better, but i was so slow and the pattern was flatter, but still there.
Lowering the weight will solve the issue i guess.
I kept the weight that time and solved it with a 10A power supply and the TLE5206 shield. I could keep the sled at ~15.9 kg = 35.0535 pounds total.

Edit: I just named this issue the ‘nike-syndrome’ for further reference :slight_smile:

Where can I get those power upgrades?

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The power supply on Amaz or Ali.
Make sure its 120V or 230V or switchable.
120W-12V-10A Power supply

The TLE is back on sale here: