Cutters for maslow

Hey guys, looking at getting some milling bits later this week. Wondering if these would work well for Maslow.
The shop is just down the road from me.


probably not. It depends on what spindle (router) you have

these are 6mm shanks, so you need something that will hold them.

These are very small, which usually doesn’t go with large cutting.

check the feeds and speeds for bits this size and your spindle.

David Lang

Thanks dlang,
I’m new to this so it’s good advice.

I agree with dlang, that these are probably not a good fit, for more than the 6mm shank. That 6mm shank would make the tool difficult to hold.

It also notes the bits are for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The geometry for metal tooling is drastically different than wood.

HSS bits will work for wood, though a good carbide bit will give you mach better tool life and cut quality. Not sure what the titanium coating is good for.

More flutes is not a good thing. Some of those tools have 4 flutes. Typically for the speeds on the maslow a 1 or 2-flute bits is best.