Cutting 2024 aluminum

I am prepping my frame for the arrival of the belt Maslow so I cut some brackets to fit 10 series profile out of 3/16 2024 aluminum plate. 8 brackets in 3 styles, took around 3.5 hours.

Not a how to, just what seemed to work for me.
Router: new Kobalt
Metric values
RPM: 10,000
Feed: 300
Plunge feed: 50
Holes: 6.35 twist bit
Contour: 6.35 carbide up O flute
.5 step down

I have both the Dewalt and Kobalt. I prefer the ergonomics of the Kobalt as I feel the lock button and bit changes are easier on the Kobalt.


Looks nice! What blade are you using to cut aluminum with and what thickness was it?

1/4 carbide up O flute
3/16 plate