Cutting foam and/or foamcore for box inserts. Has anyone done this before with the Maslow?

Has anyone tried cutting Foam or Foamcore with their maslow routers?

I was looking to make box inserts for boardgames or to router foam for tool/other inserts. You know how when you buy some tools and they come in a box with a foam insert that fits exactly to their shape?

I am eagerly awaiting my Maslow in the mail (late February) but i am trying to collect ideas for my first projects.

Any help or advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Welcome to our group. For foam it should be possible to place a hot knife in place of a router.

Thank you

I’ve cut insulation type foam and it cuts very cleanly. Be careful of the dust created when cutting foam because it can be very toxic


I have cut foam as well and it cuts very nicely, no need for a hot knife attachment. I used a smaller bit (1/8" as well as 1/16") and it was cut very nicely. I actually do all my test cuts in foam as a 4x8 piece is only about $12 and I can tweak anything I need to once seeing the completed cut, another bonus is it doesn’t dull a good CNC bit while you test!


What kinda foam did you buy?

And do you happen to have a link to which bits you bought? (Is it any kind of special fluted bit?)

As for bits, I have bought 1/8" and 1/16" bits on eBay from drillman1. He has tons of CNC bits of varying varieties. With these though, remember the shank is 1/8" so you need a 1/4" to 1/8" reducer. Links below:

As for the foam, I found it at Home Depot


I’d second the Drillman recommendation, bought a lot of bits from him 5+ years ago for my Zenbot Mini CNC router so he’s got longevity. Check out his bargain bin, that’s where a lot of my bits came from.

He follows “The Rule of the Tool”, that’s the warranty iirc :grinning:


I would second @bar’s note on cutting insulation type of foam and toxicity.
I cut a lot of insulation foam and went to hot knife methods due to the dust…it is extremely toxic. Whatever you do, use a respirator and consider getting a vacuum setup for your system. Please please please be careful with that dust…or any dust, for that matter! Keep on cuttin’!