Cutting Cardboard- cut quality

Hi all,

I was curious if anyone can tell me or better yet include a photo of what the cut quality looks like for cardboard :). In my mind, I have this idea of shredded cardboard with a frayed edge.


That might be better done with a drag knife? There has been some talk about that in the forums:

actually, quite a few. If you search “drag knife” they’ll come up.

Also, I have been thinking about making one of these:


Thanks! The links are great!

I used a fair amount of corrugated cardboard for practice while learning on a smaller machine. With assorted 1/8"/3.2mm bits it cut fine with a good edge. Shouldn’t be a problem to cut with 1/4 (6.35mm +/- bits. Of course, the proof’s in the actual cutting so give it a try. Holding it in place might be an issue, try blue or green painters tape


or maybe hot glue?

good to know. Were they downcut bits or anything else special?

Assorted carbide endmills out of eBay’s Drillman1’s bargain bin, mostly PCB manufacture overstocks. The biggest factor seemed to be whether they were sharp or dull from over or mis use.

My small machine didn’t support 1/4" bits. I’d try whatever bits you have on hand. The easiest way to determine what will work is to go out in the shop and try them out

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Thanks Moose! Exactly the response I was looking for .

Did you have any luck with this? I would love to know how your cardboard cutting experience went!