Cutting frame parts on an existing cnc

Can you cut out parts for the permanent frame on another cnc and avoid the temporary frame process?


Yes! But we’re about to do a frame re-design which removes the temporary frame from the process so it might be worth waiting a week or so


Thanks. That great. I was just wanting to get started on the frame before the kit arrives Looking forward to the new plans thanks again

Any idea on the new frame design? I also am waiting for my kit but would like to get the frame done while I am waiting.

That’s what I did, but quickly figured out that even the 1st draft frame wasn’t rigid enough and am waiting for some time to build a sturdier design.

it looks like the default recommendation is going to be for a frame of this

we are working to finalize it (from Bar’s edits on it today, it looks like one
of the remaining questions has been settled)

I’m somewhat confused. Is the “Feb 2018 Frame” the newest frame?

I clicked on the GitHub link you have shown but I find the frame instructions to be hard to understand. What I mean by that is for example, there is a mention of a “kicker” but the diagrams don’t show the names of the parts. There are lots of pieces and labeling them would help clarify the assembly instructions.

you are reading the instructions as we are writing them. in the forum thread
with almost 900 posts about the new frame, post 794 (snd a couple before and
after) give all the pictures, including the cut list which labels all the parts.

the instructions should list the length of each part as well as the name

OK…I see it now. I clicked on your link which just gives the instructions. I went back and looked at the whole thread itself. All I can say is WOW!!!

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