Datasheets in the repo

Would it be an idea to place all datasheets of parts used in the stock Maslow in the github repo?

This to make sure we all are on the same page when it comes to the stock Machine

L298 chip
Motor type
gearbox type (for gear ratio, shaft diameter, etc.)

The gearbox shaft on the stock Maslow is 8mm right? (or is it 6mm??)

Having the actual datasheets all in one place could eventually avoid certain mistakes.

And it would make a good reference once people start to experiment with different gear ratio’s and smaller size gearboxes on smaller Maslow builds (or bigger ones for that matter)

I’m getting a bit lost when trying to figure out what way to go.
do i wait for batch 3
do i source all parts on my own (and probably make some mistakes)
do i source cheaper parts to build a tiny Maslow (and still wait for batch3 (or batch 4? depending on my budget status)

If i choose the last option i could eventually feed new data into the project… on the smaller stuff.
BUT then i probably can’t mount a router on the sled as the motors may not be strong enough.

Trying to be patience… hehe


To make a start here is the sheet of the L298 chip

I’m in the process of building a Maslow with some friends and have been collecting datasheets, documents and documenting the build process. Feel free to take some of the data I’ve collected:

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I think it would be a good idea.

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@abetusk Thanks, that drawing of the motor dimensions is a bit of a struggle to find when you need it . :slight_smile:

It also would be cool to have some CAD models of the parts
work area
frame parts

So that we have parts to shuffle around in CAD to draw several frame options. And that would give us LEGO style parts to let us visualise idea’s in 3D (one day…)

A CAD model of the stock Maslow would be very cool as well, as a reference to motor positions etc.

Excellent suggestion!

I’ve added a folder in Electronics/Documentation called “Data Sheets” with data sheets for all of the parts

Check it out here:

Let me know if I’ve missed anything, or make a pull request to add it!


Thank you @Bar!

Good to have stuff like this all in one place.

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There is a CAD model of the maslow on onshape (you will need to create an
account and login before these links work for you)

I forked it, cleaned it up a bit, and then have a couple different forks
including the Top Beam frame model


alternate one (top beam, fixed legs)

alternate two (top beam, folding legs on wheels, this is where I’ve done the top
linkage work)

There is also my 'top beam’
alternate model


Here are CAD model I have found / made…
A suitable motor/gearbox model here Motor & Gearbox
My bracket model Bracket
Sprocket (wrong bore size though) Sprocket
Z Motor & Bracket (My Model) Z Motor & (55.9 KB)


Thanks! The Z-motor looks nice (just loaded the STL in freeCAD)
Still wrestling with GrabCAD to get the other file

Here are the files (I just wanted to get the original attribution in place) (117.7 KB)

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The joy of virtual LEGO parts. :smiley: That wormgear + motor is nice!