Piecing a maslow together

I purchased 2 of the motors for the chains from the maslow store, do these motors come with the sprockets that turn the chain??

I just ordered a chain motor as a spare fo $30… it did not come with any other parts.


eBay has the chains too and many parts for cheap

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in the coming days I’m going to test a 3D printed idler sprocket. If it works it is one more part we could down cost. I may take on another motor bracket to test carbon fiber filled nylon although it’s cost probably would offset steel.

Just a few thoughts

Thank you

I’m sure it would work for. A little bit

but in the long term the chains will slowly deteriorate it

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I’ll also point out the motors are geared with plastic.

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So this link is the right sprocket for the Maslow? Just want to confirm. I noticed there are many different variations.

Maybe the Maslow team or someone could create a detailed parts list so when searching for parts to build our own we know exact sizes of each piece we need when it comes to the important stuff.

The Maslow motor shafts are 8mm, the linked page lists 8mm but doesn’t present that choice for ordering. Everything else looks good, though - #25 chain, 10 tooth, single set screw.

I found a list on fit hub for the parts needed to build the kit.

Parts not on the github list are the spacers. What size are those? And are they only needed to mount the metal ring?