Default Frame Chain and Bungee cord

Hi All

iv excited about my Maslow Build and looking forward to getting the parts, currently I’m building the Default Frame and had a questions about the Chain and Bungee cord. I was a bit confused when arranging the chain and bungee.

In the picture i have arranged the chain (Red) and the Bungee Cord (Orange) the way i was going to do it. Feedback would be brilliant. If anyone has built with a similar design what size of Bungee would be needed.

Thanks all in advance



check this

Looks good. Very similar to my setup except I use counterweights. Check out what bar is using I would say this is your best bet if you dont want to use counterweights.

I’ve been playing around with a configuration which moves the bungee to the bottom of the top beam and it seems to be working really well:



I also strongly recommend using a thicker bungee cord. The ones in the kit worked when we had the chains running vertically but with the new horizontal system that cord is not strong enough


I think my current setup best matches your drawing. However seeing Bar’s new pictures makes me want to try his setup too lol. To answer your question, today I tried a few lengths and settled on a 30 inch from HF. Like your drawing, terminated chain above top beam to stop chains from touching. I also added a small hook on a outward block of wood to help guide the outfeed chain chain to be co-planar with the infeed chain. I will test more and report back here.