Desired modifications to existing kits

I know that it’s been deemed desirable to ground a pin on the encoders, and mention was made to ground the shells of the ethernet sockets.

I made this thread with the intent that it could be pinned to include references to fixes like this that someone building a kit now may want to do before they assemble it.

@bar can you post here exactly where the ethernet shells should be grounded to (and the picture showing the pin to ground on the encoders)


We did some testing with grounding the ethernet plugs and it didn’t seem to make any difference so I don’t think we should make mod recommended at this point.

Grounding the pin on the encoders is for sure a good idea though and I would recommend that to anyone who is seeing an issue with them.

was the ethernet plug test done with out without shielded/grounded cables?

David Lang

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@dlang and @bar,

Dont wish to derail the conversation but is the grounding intended to overcome the noise issue created by the dust collection hose?

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it may help reduce that, but also EMI generated by the router.

David Lang


got it. thanks!

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With shielded cables

another dumb question but …… was the shield grounded at both ends or just one?

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When I was testing I grounded the shielding just on one side (the controller side).

I also talked with the encoder manufacturer and they seem to think that over the lengths we are running the signal it should be OK but they recommended lowering the SPI pull up resistors to 1k and adding some 100nF capacitors from the SPI lines to 3v3 so I’ve got a board design with those changes in production to test