Dict goes wrong

When I tell them to go left or right is such an outcome. please help me.

Look at the encoder mechanism, move magnet that way to align it with hall sensor. Rotate ot a bit to see that there is not too much friction in both ways.
Now tight the screw that holds gear with chain to make it stiffier. What system of pullies You uSe?
It could be that your right encoder skipping some steps

Thanks when the masters move there are some small sounds and it might be the fault. How do I get through the calibration first?

I think that we do not understand the issue well. Can you tell us more what the problem is?

I think there is asymmetry in motors encoder steps :expressionless:
To test it set extend length of chain from ~1.5m to 2m in maslow advanced options. Now go to set chain length process and press adjust left chain. Then adjust right chain. See if they extend equally.

Asymmetry. Right motor is extending chain more then left so you are getting right side lower.

Described process doesn’t require to pass whole calibration. (Eyeball calibration and do the set chain length test)

Yes i will do tonight and i will post the video. Thank you for your help

When I opened up x/y mator I encountered such a situation

For me it looks good. Distances from Hall sensors to encoder must be equal for both channels. Zoom in 1st foto and You will see there is bigger gap between top sensor and magnet… Try to push top sensor closer. Check 2nd engine for same situation.
Can You swap mounting points? Mark left motor and mount it to right slot… etc. Check if situation goes in reverse :P. Maybe its not the motors.

Motor should have clean continuous working sound.

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I am now purified. When I was working before, I was cut off by power when working. The work was stopped and now I thought the program would reflect. I really programmed it first and everything is in order. Thanks for the help

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