DIY Dewalt DWP611 Router Mounting Setup. Very smooth operation on with hydraulic plunge

I bought the “wrong” router and had to put some stuff together to make it work. I think there’s a benefit here though, even though it’s less powerful the hydraulic spring back on the plunge frame for the 611 makes for very smooth operation on the z-axis. I’ve heard about people putting a bungee over their routers to get better response. Anyway, I found this nice aluminum mount from MillrightCNC, got a generic 3d printer z-axis and bearing setup from amazon and It’s moving along.

Also I didn’t get a z-axis kit when they were available, so I had to get another motor. All is going well so I thought I’d share what I’ve found. I’ll post some photos/video tomorrow or maybe Monday in case other people are curious. If it really looks like the way forward, I might formalize the design and have a batch machined if anyone is interested.


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My eye fell on the stalling current in the spec sheet.

20A stalling current. Has anyone monitored the motor currents and the complete load of the PSU when the machine is running?

Running with a new router bit.
Running with a dull routerbit.