Standard Maslow Z-axis kit compatibility with Dewalt DW625 router

Hi, I’m writing from Chile South America. I’m less than a newbie with the Maslow CNC, I don’t own one yet but I will.
I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here I go.
I currently own a Dewalt DW625 router and I want to know if the Z-axis control that comes with the standard kit (this kit) is compatible with my router.
If it’s not compatible, is it too difficult to make it work with my router?
Is it easier to look for a different router? (although there are not many options available here in Chile)


I believe that router might be difficult to make work with any kit. It could certainly be done but you will likely need to customize things to fit :grimacing:

Thanks for the reply, I will start looking for a different router more compatible with the system.