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DEWALT DWP611 advice


I’m considering getting the Maslow but I already have the Dewalt DWP611 router. Does this router work with the Maslow? Any special modifications? Thank you!

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@javagenki Welcome to our group. The Dewalt has no mechanics to lift it in the Z axis. You could make this but it’s not included on the router like the Ridged. You can look at the project:

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I am usually the last to “fix it if it ain’t broke” with this type of project, however I will soon be abandoning the problematic stock z axis and there are so many better options.
Here’s something I’m about to try Yet Another Z Axis Mod
If you may have to get another router anyway:
Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested
Maybe DeWalt fits it … Check into it.
Glad to have you here :blush:

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yes any palm router or 3.5" diameter bench top router can fit the “metal Maslow” with the correctly made clamp

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That is the key for all the non-depth adjustable base set-ups. I don’t know the diameter of the DWP611, but I would say that you can plan to use it and go with a home built z-axis. I used a c-beam and it was reasonably straightforward without a lot of fabrication. A lot of people are using the Meticulous Z-axis that @bee suggested, which has the benefit of being able to be cut by the Maslow, and you could certainly mount the DWP611 on a temporary sled and manually adjust the z until you got your final sled built.

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