Does a Firmware Flash Require Recalibration?

So there is this question that needs and answer:

If say a person who had only calibrated 5 times and 3 of them were for holey calibration and they wanted to test a custom firmware version and custom webcontrol software, do they need to recalibrate if the .WebControl files remain?

asking for a friend…

Would that not depend on the firmware? Is the “Custom Firmware” storing and accessing the same values in the same location? Will it overwrite the existing values during its use? Custom Firmware is too vague .

Thank you

minor code update to existing arduino mega.

you can backup the settings in webcontrol, and webcontrol will send the config
settings to the arduino at connect time.

David Lang

@dlang: Thank you! That helps. I knew webcontrol did some math, but I was uncertain where the calculated data was stored.

Is that the webcontrol->actions->sync settings command? or the webcontrol backup? (I did both, but I don’t know exactly what they both do)

Next step: get avrdude to work on raspberry pi with compiled hex from windows…

Good general information I just learned related to firmaware flash:

Exporting the compiled file from the arduino IDE provides two hex files. One is a bootloader versiona and one is not. This was something I never considered because when we press the upload button and the arduino ide compiles and uploads, it takes care of it.

FYI: I was just about to ask which hex version to use, but I consulted my friend google.

apparently since we are uploading over serial, we use the bootloader hex version.

If we were programming over ISP, then the non bootloader hex can be used.

Here’s to hoping I don’t need to recalibrate… I guess I published my calibration numbers in a youtube video so in a pinch, there is that. Hope you all have a productive day.

If you are using WebControl, it includes the prebuild firmware, you don’t need
to use the arduino IDE unless you are doing development.

David Lang

I’m doing testing of new development code. I discovered where the holey hex file is kept and so I substituted my hex file and let webcontrol’s updater do the flash. Pretty slick. I like webcontrol more and more. I didn’t want to take my controller apart to plug in the other USB cable to connect to my laptop to flash the arduino. As it worked out, I didn’t even have to load additional software on the raspberry pi to do it.

Webcontrol and firmware should now support G03 and G02 with R commands in the next release.