Does anyone have problems with the axis

Does anyone have problems with the axis of movement of the ridgid router? If I tighten it does not move and the engine is slow and if I loosen the router changes position! I have regulated the clamp nut many times but it does not fit. Any suggestions?

its mostly just getting the nut tightened just right. I’ve never tried it but maybe some lubricant could let you get it tighter so there’d be less wobble, you’d have to wipe it down to prevent dust build up though. also, idk if you already have it but a bungee cord helps hold it down and stable

there’s also this if you want to ditch the regular z axis completely

it has never worked well from day one. At a bare minimum you need to have a bungee cord, polish down the motor and clamp assembly with 600grit sand paper and use a dry lubricant like graphite or moly

Lube it before each use.

Now I understand why some router in the photos had elastic. Thank you and I will try to solve the problem.

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