Doesn't a cutted piece slide down and gets destroyed?

Hi, I am currently digging through all the materials of the Maslow and did not find an answer to my question (maybe I used the wrong search string as non-native speaker or it is just too theoretic):

What I struggle with: Why does a almost completely cutted piece not slide down on the the frame and gets “destroyed” by another path of the router?

Is the tilted frame “flat” enough to prevent the piece from sliding? Do you fix the board to be cuttedi with some glue / sticky material? Is the software making that the lower cut is done first before the upper?

Sorry for the maybe dumb question, Christian

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No, it isn’t. More info below …

Nope, but that’s a really good idea.

Not that either.

The answer is. Use ‘tabs’ in your cuts. So area where you don’t completely cut through the material. And you complete the cut with a chisel or very sharp knife after the CNC has done its routine.


Thanks for the quick answer, makes perfectly sense.