Door Panels for garden door

Just finished a door with several profile cuts in it. 1/4" ACX ply, cut with 1/8" bit.
I’ve offset the parts 5mm from metal frame and attached with 20mm L brackets.


Very cool! Are the cuts your design? What is your software workflow?

Will you paint them or protect them from weather?

I took lots of inspiration from the internet, some cool coast Salish North West American native art.
Here is my workflow:

  1. research and find pictures that I can turn into SVGs
  2. use inkscape to trace vectors and modify images to get cuttable motives
  3. measure metal frame
  4. model panel dimensions in fusion 360
  5. import vector graphic as DXF and scale to fit on panel
  6. choose tools and create g code
  7. cut panel
  8. sand panel
  9. install L brackets and panel

And you’re right eventually as step 8.5, I should speckle, prime and paint panels. Still need to see what paint is best. Probably just a good outdoor wood siding paint will do.

The summers here are dry and long, so I have some time before I need to get going on that. Wood is ACX ply wood, which is good for outdoors.

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@Andy_Fencer Awesome thank you for sharing that. Also I really like the steel. Is that stainless or galvanized carbon? And it looks like you’re a good welder too!

I’ve had good luck with Behr Waterproofing Stain & Sealer (all in one can with 10yr warranty on horizontal surfaces and 25 yr on verticals) for a very durable coating and I have also used a somewhat clear outdoor polycrylic water based sealer when I did not want to affect the color of the wood. Both from Homedepot.


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Thanks! Can’t take credit on the welding, that’s galvanised steel, but I had the gates made. The bigger job is to make panels for the drive way gate wings, right next to this garden gate. I’ll provide an update on that hopefully soon.
Thanks for the painting tips.


Here are the other panels so far:20190629_150214|666x500 woodpeckers and dragonflies


Wow. I love it!