P9S Stool from instructables

Another test piece to get to know the Maslow.
P9S stool with small changes.
No more runaways with truncation setting in on.
A nice fit without more work on the connections.
Cut at a slightly higher 300mm/min(not too jerky yet) using a 6mm single flute bit(little more vibration)at 10000 rpm to avoid burning the material and the bit.(better but room for improvement)
All still done with 1.02 software so next up is a round of upgrading and calibrating!



Good Job! What material are you using?

Thank you

18mm birch plywood.

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Very nice! Out of curiosity, what is the thickness of the acrylic you used for your router table insert?

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6mm,same thickness as the footplate the Dewalt Router came with.

Great, thanks. I am somewhat surprised that 6mm is rigid enough, but that is good to know

Beautiful! I really like the red color, did you paint the parts before cutting them?

I cut them first then painted them before rounding the edges on the table router. Painting afterwards would not give this clean finish, the paint will creep around the rounded edges.

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@Brr May I use your photos in the newsletter tomorrow?

Of course!
I just finished a P9L as well.


Awesome work!

Thank you

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Woah! That is beautiful!! Amazing work! You are really hitting your stride and cranking these out :grinning:

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When I was in Europe, and looking at projects by european makers, I see really nice melamine faced ply like on the P9S Instructable page. Is there anyone that carries this in the US?

Oh that P9L is lovely. Putting that on my list.

Yes, you can buy plywood with various coatings on it (including pre-painted plywood, and plywood with anti-bacterial coatings, designed for using to build kitchen cabinets)

Unfortunately I don’t have a good source to point you at.

Try calling this place


I have bought from them since I was 16. Been a while since I bought there. I made Walnut door panels for my 1961 Ford Falcon Ranchero back in the day.

not my truck but an example of how easy it is to make flat surface door panels for this model of car.

Anyways I’d call them. If they don’t have it they will be able to point you to the right place.

Edit - P.S. for you young’ns those are hand powered cranks to raise and lower the windows. For real! lol

Thank you


Look at MDO, it’s plywood with a phenolic/sawdust overlay.

Menards carries it, your Homeless Despot might too although it gave me 275 kinds of mostly MDF when I searched for it


I found what I was looking for. Woodcraft has it: https://www.woodcraft.com/products/phenolic-faced-plywood-18mm-3-4-x-24-x-48. Very expensive.

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I’ll have to check that out too. We don’t have Menards around the PNW, but maybe someone else will have it.

Ouch, $280US for a 4x8 sheet. Woodcraft is often expensive (says the guy with their good deal on sale 8" low speed Rikon grinder) but that’s excessive. They have nice sounding courses, but the 400+ mile

Ask your local lumberyard what they get for 3/4 MDO, guess they’ll beat Woodcraft