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Has anyone cut out a door?


I don’t think I’ve seen a door cut out with the Maslow, does anyone else know if anyone has cut a door out with the Maslow? If not then that is going to be my next project, it seems like this would be the perfect machine for a door or cabinet shop.


I did MDF doors awhile back with it. It did a pretty good job, I was able to pocket out the cup for european style hinges. I made these for my cat litter cabinet:

I plan on doing a shaker style MDF doors for some built-ins I’ll hopefully be getting to this summer. It will be much easier to make a large pocket like that with the upgraded Z-axis that I’ve been working on.


I did a home improvement recently in which I built a room for my wife and I in the basement to make room for our new baby. the one thing I hadn’t gotten to was the doors. You have given me a great idea on how to make that happen easily (especially since I am building the system to glue up panels easily)! :bow_and_arrow:


This is what got me thinking of making doors with the Maslow.


Of course! Why not showcase something a little more complex than a traditional 6 panel door? :sunglasses:


the thing to keep in mind is that the sled needs to be supported as you cut. the
door in the video doesn’t allow for that.

David Lang


Yes. The cool part about it is making a custom design, right?
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Couldn’t agree more I will take pictures of before and after, I hope to get this done within a week or two.


Heed @dlang’s warning and include in your design supports so that the sled is always resting on something level. If your sled is 18-inches wide, then make sure that when the router bit is at the edge of the carve area, there’s something less than 9-inches away that is at the same surface height as door’s edge. A simple solution is to just incorporate something like “muntins” in the design (like a window) and just call it an artistic feature.


I love that.