New beginning I've been out for awhile

It has been a while since I’ve used my Maslow. Maybe two years, I’m rust on everything. I was wondering what all has changed and any ideas on how I should get started back running the Maslow. Is there anything I need to know that has changed? Should I upgraded to the new sled system, mine is the original. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Welcome back!
If you still have the brackets, then switching to triangular is advised, as the development for the brackets seems discontinued.
The ring, or one of this 2 Linkage kits (enable triangular kinematics)

Kind regards, Gero

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There is the new holey triangular calibration that is in the process of being
merged into the mainline (testing needed, especially of the new firmware with
the old calibration)

you may want to look at the topic, in search of accurate measurements for a
add-on I designed for making more accurate measurements with a tape measure. It
also includes an interesting tangent thread discussing the accuracy of tape

There is also a version of GroundControl that runs as a webserver on a Pi (easy
to connect to with multiple devices, and being able to use your phone to tweak
the sprocket position to 12 o’clock is MUCH easier), unfortunantly it doesn’t
yet support the holey triangular calibration firmware.

beyond that, I don’t think things have changed too much.

David Lang


Thanks, exactly what I needed.

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