Duties and taxes when shipping to Canada

New to the site and just reaching out to any other Canadians about their experience with duties and taxes… what can I expect?


Welcome! Not from Canada, more the opposite side of the glob, but wanted to say hello.


I guess I’ll see when I get my kit. It’s not something I worry too much about. Usually, if it’s sent US Post, it’s not terrible. I’ve had some stuff come at no extra fees, and others requiring HST/GST. UPS can nail you for “brokerage”, which is a flat rate of $uckiness.

Happy to post my experience when I get the kit. :slight_smile:

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I hope things go better for you then for the linkage kit I sent to scott, it
took almost a month to get there (it spent two weeks before getting out of LA,
which is about 30 miles from where it started), and arrived missing the bag of
all the small parts. :frowning:

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I’ve never had that happen to me. That’s a total bummer. :frowning:

My only gripe with USPS is they stop tracking after it clears customs and officially leaves the US. Then it feels like the parcel is in some sort of purgatory. It’s likely that the tracking said LA even though it was en route.

I’m not expecting any of this craziness, but I’ll take pics if the package looks like it was used as a speed bump. I have a facebook friend who sends tooling (which he makes) all over the world. Apparently US to Canada is the biggest headache.


Welcome to our forum. I wanted to welcome you. I have not heard from anyone in Canada about Tariff problems. That is probably a good sign. The closest thing I’ve seen, it is mentioned that Masolw will not side step Tariffs in the faq’s under the wiki.

Thank you


it wasn’t that there was no tracking, it was that it took 4 days of ‘in transit’ before it arrived in LA, then several days to get to customs, then several days before it left customs, then a couple of days to Canadian customs, then several days in customs there…

Add yourself to the user map, those guys from the higher place want more dots up there


Yes please. :smiley:

It doesn’t have to be your exact location. I found a nice house near my real house and pegged it.


That would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the welcome.

You should be able to use the USPS tracking number in the Canada Post app or website and see details.

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Next time I’ll check that out. I just ASSumed it was off the radar.

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

As it should be.