Enable Buffering in web control

Does the buffer setting in web control works, I have read that is not working well due to interference signal and does some times funny things like cutting a circle of nowhere

It depends on how you are generating your gcode. For the most part it works, however there are a couple programs which generate some pretty funky gcode by default and turning buffering off can fix those. The advantage of turning it on is that you will see faster movement when processing a lot of lines at once for detailed features.

Buffering does cause some issues with tool changes, but I’ve modified WebControl to handle it. I don’t think it works in ground control. As far as I know, buffering will work. It’s something that we need to work because next gen firmware depends on it working… So if you do use it and run into problems, let us know.

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Currently I’m using Fusion 360, do you have an idea O which programs don’t generate that funky code

Well like a month or less I used it, and at some point started to cut a circle out of nowhere, I intend to try it again

Can you send me the gcode at madgrizzlemaslow at gmail dot com?

All the buffering does is send multiple gcode lines to the controller rather than waiting until the last line is completed and the controller responds back with an ‘ok’.

If you start a cut at the beginning and it messes up with buffering on but not with buffering off, then it’d be good to try to figure out why. If the issue came up when you started the cut somewhere later on in the file (i.e., was restarting from a failed cut) it’s probably a different issue and not buffering related. I’ve spent a lot of time with webcontrol to try to get that part to work, but there’s still a few things I need to tweak with it (feed rates in particular). It doesn’t really work in ground control because all it does is starts sending the line and doesn’t consider things like unit selection, etc.

If it happened with a file with tool changes in it, hopefully that issues was fixed (where you couldn’t restart it after tool change). Also, I fixed it in the very latest webcontrol pyinstaller release that you can’t press play when the gcode is being sent because I discovered that it could cause issues.