Haven't updated GC or firmware in a LONG time

I am currently running Ground Control v.73.

My machine is the 100% original first release (I haven’t even upgraded to the replacement arduino board Bar sent out early on, it’s still in its’ package). The software and hardware has been doinng what I’ve needed it to do, so far, so I haven’t pursued updating it, in fear that an update will cause issues.

That being said, I’m starting to need to cut a lot of shapes that are clearly overwhelming the buffer (lots of curves with virtually no straight lines to allow it to catch up). I can see the GCode whizzing by at a blistering pace until finally the router just goes off in its’ own direciton, leaving the programmed cut path.

Has there been any improvements that address this buffer issue? Or is there something that I can do to prevent is (i.e., slow the cut rate down?)

If I were to update the arduino, install the newest GC, and update the firmware, woiuld I have any issues? I haven’t kept up on virtually any of the discussion since late 2017.

I don’t think there have been any improvements to buffering in the firmware, but you go back FAR so I’m not entirely certain. However, I’m not sure its a buffering issue you have. The buffering has flow control so shouldn’t really send it off to neverneverland. Do you get a buffer overrun message? If not, it might be gcode related.

Edit: if you post the gcode, we can look at it and/or run it in simulator mode to see if the problem can be reproduced.

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There might have been some improvements to the buffering code since then, but I am not 100% sure.

I would make a backup copy of your Ground Control settings file (the .ini file) before making any big changes just to be safe.

the current version of GC is 1.26, and WebControl has a large number of
improvements in the year+ since the last GC release.

David Lang

Thanks Bar and David. I guess I forced my hand, as I apparently burned out my motor controller board while calibrating chain lengths. The chain wrapped the right motor, and it no longer woiuld respond.

I installed the replacement / upgrade board I was sent a few years ago, and the left and right motors now work, buthe Z axis desn’t. The motors also don’t appear to be rotating in the right direction when making jogs. I’m assuming I have to update the firmware, now that I’m using this new board?

Yeah, I think updating the firmware is probably the right step. There’s no telling all the improvements which have been made since 0.73 :stuck_out_tongue: