Enabling "touch plate" in WebControl

Hi everyone.
Could you please explain how to use Z-Axis automated calibration presented in WebControl in correct way?

For the configuration part it’s enabling:

  • “Advanced Settings → Enable Use of Touch Plates”
  • Using “ZAxis → Touch” functionality in “Controls” section.

But what about mechanical part of this question?

Which physical port do I need to use to connect “touch plate” or “sensor” to send the signals to Maslow PCB as well as the software?

Sorry for this kind of question, but I couldn’t locate any description of this functionality.

Thanks in advance.


You use the signal and the ground pins from the aux 4. It really doesn’t matter what you clip where just so that when they touch the circuit is closed. Clip one on the metal ruler. And one on the bit or metal on the router ensure that it has continuity to the bit. (I sandwiched a wire under a housing screw so I didn’t have to try and detach the clip from the bit with my big dust shield in the way.)

Make sure the touch plate option switched on through the advance settings. I think the default distance is 10 mm it will travel unless it hits the plate first, so make sure you are under 10 mm when u use the zeroing feature, else you may not get a true zero.

(Pasted from one of my previous posts)


Also if you are traveling more than your touch limit (default 10 mm) then hit zero z before you hit touch.

If you don’t then the z will travel backwards to get to original zero before using touch zero command


A lot of thanks for the reply!
I’m going to use some sensor or switch/button (taking into account all the possible errors).
But haven’t chosen the type of “sensor” yet, will it be plate or button type something.

Could you also say, maybe is there any “manufacturer recommended” hardware for implementing “Z-axis auto calibration” functionality?

Tim mentioned the metal ruler and an alligator clip. clip the end mill to ground and slide the ruler connected to the sensor pin under the mill and when they touch, it triggers and you are auto zeroed.

Auto calibration for z axis… are you meaning calibrating the z axis pitch for proper movement distance?

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I’m just wondered about functionality of “touch plate” presented in WebControl.

  • What it is and how to activate/use it?

Now as I understood I need a some “sensor” that will be able to close the circle between mill/body of router and Arduino shield’s AUX4 port.

Something like this for example.

Is there any difference which port (of AUX4) to use to properly connect this type of sensor?


No sensor is needed. It works through the programing.

One alligator clip is attached to a metal ruler and one to the router bit.

Basically a signal is given to the bit and when the bit touches the metal ruler under the sled, the shield picks up continuity through the contact to stop the z axis and zero it.

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Here is the link

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That probe could work, but then you would have to factor in the difference in thickness on that. The reason why a metal ruler (or any piece of “flat” conductive metal) is “recommended” is it can slide flat on the bottom of the sled keeping that same plane. When the bit moves down and makes contact, it is read as “zero” which is now on the same plane as the bottom of the sled, and therefore not need to account for the thickness of your “probe.” Much much simpler this way.

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Now the solution is more than clean to me.
A lot of thanks for all answers.

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