Run a fan and some LEDs with a power supply - electronic question

Hey maslowians!

I am about to realize a small project for my 3D Printer (yes there will be also Maslow-Parts included :smiley: )

I have a
-24V Fan (Pmax = 4,32 W / Imax = 0,18 A )
and some 24V LEDs that together have max. 10W

Can I use a power supply like this
to run this stuff safe?

There will be a 230V European Plug for the INPUT.

Appreciate your help!

Your input is fine. Your output of 24V and 0.18 A combined with 10W LED’s will be well under the rated 36W the power supply can continuously supply, so as long as it is enclosed so nobody touches it while it is on, it should be safe with plenty of power to spare.

Thanks for your answer rob!
I calculated the same and was just not sure if miss a parameter.

So also because i am not using the whole power it should not get too hot right?

I plan to 3d print a case, so there is no wsy to touch it.
And as wellni will use one pwm rpm poti to set the rpm of the fan and a main switch between the power suppöy and the plug and two switches for fan and LED.