Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Does anyone know of a HAT or other means that one could power a Pi via a12vdc source? Im looking to power my arduino and Pi WebControl server via a single power supply.

A computer power supply puts out both 5 and 12 volts and plenty of amperage, you could use one of those.

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In similar situations for other stuff, I just get a car USB adapter that fits in
a lighter socket and use that to power the Pi

David Lang

That is a great idea! Do those put out enough amps for a pi 3?

Thanks for the suggestions. A little more details:

I have designed a custom exclosure with forced cooling and filtration. The Arduino and Pi4 are both DIN rail mounted. I am using a single 12vdc external power brick to power the Arduino and the two cooling fans. There is sufficient power available to also power the Pi as well. I would like to keep the power brick external to the enclosure for heat load reasons. It would be a simple matter to expand the existing 12vdc power distribution to include the Pi if I could find a simple solution that would step the voltage down from 12 to 5 volts.

All are good suggestions so far but this is a production buid so I am trying to eliminate kludges.

So you need a 5 v regulator rated for 4 amps for the raspberry pi. Maybe this

That’s it, thank you very much. You just saved my bacon. Can even DIN mount it too.

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I put one of those in on a piece of equipment and it works great.

It depends on the pi you are using how much current you need, but usually 2A will do you if you are not driving anything else with it. I am assuming the 12V runs the motors. I have used a lot of these little guys for thins in the past:

They tickle a lot of the right things for me. They are dirt cheap, and they are quite efficient and they are tiny.

They make a similar unit that has a 10 turn pot for setting the output voltage but I have found these to be pretty easy to set to what you want with the one turn trimmer on them and unless you bounce them
around a lot they don’t drift. When I got my first batch of these I thought I would replace the pots with fixed resistors, but when I saw how small they are, I tried the pot and that worked fine.

Good Luck!

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matthew, Thanks your suggestion is perfect for a couple of other projects I have in the pipeline too.