Engraving stone (slate to be specific)

Random question, has anyone ever tried engraving stone? I had a family member ask if it would be possible to engrave (writing) onto a piece of slate.

I assume with the right bit, and a jig to hold and level the slate, it should be possible.

Any assistance, experience or thoughts in this area would be greatly appreciated.



seems like it would be doable. finding the right bit might be difficult, unless you don’t mind destroying a couple.

a drag bit on polished slate would be easiest, but its’ more of a scratching the surface vs really deep engrave. videos give some ideas, good luck.

Actually testing the bits out on the dremel first is a good idea. I can test a few of the bit’s by hand first before I put them in my router.

MIST WITH water if you want to prolong the life of the diamond coated bits. Protect the router from splashes of water as well. I have worked with travertine doing bathroom work. It’s a pretty soft stone so easy to shape, not sure about slate, looks much harder. good luck.

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