Everything is stretched vertically

I’ve had the machine for a number of months at this point but haven’t used it. It’s my dad’s tool. He bought it second-hand, assembled it, used it once, and hasn’t touched it since. It has just been sitting in my garage. So, I figured I’d use it for a project I’m working on. After a long day of research on it, I finally got the machine and cut out my piece. However, it turned out to be oblong instead of the intended 20’’ diameter circle. The longer part measured 21 1/2’‘, while the shorter part was around 19’’ or so. I tried cutting out another circle as a test, and I’ve attached a picture for reference (since I cannot post more than one as a new user). I’ve made attempts to calibrate it, but all my efforts seem to be in vain. The tutorial by 2 Tankards doesn’t match my machine’s frame, which seems to be affecting my ability to calibrate it properly. I would greatly appreciate any help.

The calibration is likely off on the motor height measurement or the distance between the motors. Are you using Webcontrol or Makerverse?

im using makerverse

are you doing edge or precision calibration?

When you input your calibration values, what the calibration accuracy it reports? (typically 1-3 mm)

I used edge calibration and the best i could get was 4.1

Did your center point after calibration end up in the center of the work space? My top beam was off a bit when I first set up my system and it wouldn’t calibrate correctly. You are off by more than an inch and so something is physically off and not accounted for in the software.

it was correct on the x axis it ended up something like 10mm below center on the y

same problem. squares are rectangles. guess back to calibrating, again…