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Different sizes - vertical and horizontal

Hi, everyone!
I was cutting a 150mm x 150mm square with the Maslow yesterday and I noticed i’m still getting 3mm plus vertically. Horizontal measurement is accurate.
After many attempts, I don’t know what to look after in the calibration process to fix this inconsistency. This issue is causing oblong circles too. Any help?

Forgot to mention it’s an original mega maslow (makermade) with the meticulous z-axis upgrade. Firmware 1.28 (holey-51.28) and makerverse (1.1.3). Cheers.

What control software are you using? WebControl, GroundControl, Makerverse? I am only asking to determine what calibration process you are using. That may help someone point you to what needs to be changed/looked at.

I am not 100% on what could be causing this, but to start, I would go back and verify all of your measurements, and would say particularly look at your “height above work area.” The other thing to look at is during the calibration process, pay attention that you have not fat-fingered or missed any digits (or completely forget to input one of the numbers…ask me how I know). That would be where I would start. If all of that is spot on, and you are still getting the +3mm error, then someone a bit more knowledgeable will have to step in


if your system is vertically off, your beam height number may be wrong. You want to measure from the middle of the motor plane to the top of the workpiece in an imaginary line up from the workpiece…

like here (Y offset / beam height):

I had issues when my frame was flexing or my beam would flex, so verify things are rigid and not moving and that the beam is square to the workpiece.


Thanks @Orob I missed that in the second message that he was using Makerverse (duh)! I think I was just reading too fast and my brain didn’t really process that. It has been a long week!!


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