Everything seems good except lifting of sled on Upwards cuts!

Even in the middle of a 4x8 it seems to lift just about 1 to 2mm when it cuts upwards? Any thoughts? Thank you all!
Everything else works perfect and love this machine

How fast is your feed rate?

40 in a min. Added another brick hanging down from the top of the z axis and it helps. cut surface is at 14 degrees.

this indicates that the ring is too low on the sled, so when the chains are
pulling it lifts the sled from the workpiece

or that the chains are not parallel to the workpiece

set the ring height so that when you hang the sled from the ring/chains it hangs
straight, then adjust either the top beam of spacers behind the workpiece until
the chains are parallel to the workpiece.

David Lang

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I think that @dlang is right. Adjusting the ring is the place to start. It could also be too high depending on which way the sled is tipping.

Can you see one edge of the sled leave the surface when it’s happening?

Im on the M2 with the ring set all the way to the top and the chains offest to be parallel from the motors down. Yes i can physically see the sled lift up from the bottom when it moves up. The extra brick helps but still off by about a mm on the upcuts. Ill try lowering the ring a bit and see if that helps. Thank you all!

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